Katherine Richard, Counselling Intern

Hi everyone! 

My name is Katherine, and I am a Miramichier born and raised. I moved to Fredericton after high school where I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of New Brunswick. Since then, I have been working towards my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. Other than school, I have had the opportunity to work primarily with adolescents, family systems, and individuals with developmental disabilities in various capacities. My work thus far has largely been focused around working with clients to overcome barriers to lead a healthy, fulfilling, and balanced life.

Regardless of the clients I work with, one thing has remained consistent throughout – mental health matters. Whether you perceive your struggles as small or insignificant, or the circumstances you are faced with have completely taken over your life, we all deserve the opportunity to work on issues occupying negative space in our minds. I hope that through my role, I am able to guide you through the stressors of life, while finding practical solutions to live happier.

Maintaining a client-centred approach to therapy emphasizing the importance of support and encouragement, I have also found interest in solution-focused therapy and motivational interviewing. As a counselling intern, I can assure you that I take your trust in my services and competencies as a true privilege and have your best interest at heart. I am surrounded by successful practitioners to help guide me through the processes of therapy and ensure you gain positive counselling experiences at the Miramichi Counselling Centre. 


Individual Counselling 


$50/hr, payable by Cash, E-transfer, Debit, or Credit